About me

I am a Dublin, Ireland based photographer with a focus on performing arts and garden/floral photography.

As a movement and dance photographer working and collaborating with dancers and choreographers – in the studio, theatre and outdoors – is an absolute joy. I relish the challenge of capturing the elusive magic and beauty of dance in one definitive shot. In my frequent travels abroad, I always aim to see a dance performance in any city I visit. Pre-pandemic, in 2019, my travels took me to Russia, New York and all over Europe where I watched a wide range of wonderful of classical and contemporary ballet performances (there are many curtain call shots in my Instagram feed!).

Garden and floral photography is another longstanding passion, one where I can revisit my Natural Sciences background, this time with an artistic eye! I love life in colour, I love pop art & I love flowers!

I enjoy traveling and collaborating with other photographers and artists, and supporting local artists and businesses – so please get in touch if you would like to work together.

Awards & Exhibitions:

2013 – PhotoIreland Festival Winner (group member) Canon Open Program & exhibition in Dublin, Ireland

2017 – Overall winner Canon Dublin Meet (dance photography)

2018 – Winner of the design category of the Volkswagen Ireland Snapshot Competition (dance photography)

2021/22 – IGPOTY Competition 15 – ‘Beautiful Gardens’ second place winner & part of IGPOTY 15 traveling exhibition starting in Kew Gardens, London, UK February/March 2022

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