How does your garden grow…..

This week in Airfield Estate we learnt how to pot on plant cuttings, the difference between espalier and fan training, how to deal with spring bulbs and making suitable compost for container pots.  I highly recommend this course with Airfield. Colm O’Driscoll, head gardener at Airfield, is a fountain of knowledge and we learnt so much over the past few weeks.

It has been great to see how the garden has changed so much from March to May and I look forward to visiting with my camera over the next few months. For me the walled garden at Airfield is my favourite space and I think Letitia and Naomi Overend (philanthropic owners of Airfield estate who set up their charitable trust in 1974) would be pleased to see how their garden has grown!

Spurred on by all things green, I am pleased to report my seedlings have germinated and are still growing – time will tell if they make it outside and surive!


Today I learnt that even plants like tea – nettle tea, comfrey tea, seaweed extract. I wonder if they like mint tea too?

Pictures below show how to make plant tea using a rather large tea bag (sack!)! Beware the final tea is rather pungent…….

Thanks to Kitty Scully from Airfield Estate and Farm ( for sharing her knowledge with us and passing on her enthusiasm for all things green over the past few weeks. I am pleased to report my plant trials (albeit on a rather miniature scale) are still going strong.

Wishing Kitty the best with her exciting new adventure in Cork……..time to turn those techies green 🙂




World Circus Day 2017


So this morning I continued my gardening course at Airfield estate and spent some time with my head/camera in a flower bed (not quite literally!). Then this evening was spent on Sandymount Beach with the Dublin Fire Meeting group to finish up World Circus Day 2017! I love events like this ……..and getting some great shots is a bonus!



Learning to grow…..

Due to my floral photography obsession and the need to grow my own plants (as opposed to killing them!), I signed up for a gardening course in Airfield Estate ( taught by the very knowledgeable and enthusiastic Kitty Scully (and Colm O’Driscoll on alternate weekends!).  A sunny Saturday morning in the beautiful surroundings of Airfield Estate and Farm. I can only hope that I have been a good student and seed trials will work this year!


the colours of sunrise

Another 6am start and and 1 1/2 hour drive from home to Annagassan beach in Co. Louth. The temperature had dipped significantly overnight so we passed frost covered fields of white to get there. Another stunning sunrise, such beautiful pre-sunrise colours – I love these muted tones. Now for an afternoon nap…….


A week of sunrises…..

img_4172-edit-editimg_8955I spent this Christmas by the sea and was up every morning before sunrise. I love this time of the day……there is so much possibility! Although the weather was particularly mild, most mornings there was a thick cloud bank on the horizon. So I only brought my camera out a few mornings. There was a lovely sunrise on Christmas day and I managed to catch a sunburst on the horizon! Wishing everyone lots of beautiful sunrises for 2017.