IGPOTY ‘Beautiful Gardens’

Delighted to have placed second in the ‘Beautiful Gardens’ category of International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) – Competition 15. I am in very good company with stunning photographs from so many amazing international photographers. Check out all the winners here.

This photograph was taken in one of my favorite places in Dublin – Airfield Estate Gardens. The walled garden in spring and summer always has such an amazing floral display – thanks to Head Gardener Colm O’Driscoll and his team at Airfield Estate. Capturing the walled garden backlit by some late afternoon sun really conveys the floral abundance of early summer.

‘Abundance’ at Airfield Estate Gardens

You can catch a large format outdoor exhibition at Kew Gardens this month, with all winners (including the above!) displayed & after that there will be traveling exhibitions and book!

Delighted to see features on the winning photos (including the above!) on the BBC website and in Professional Photo Magazine.

Begin Again with Brooke Shaden

There is a lot of (valid) negative talk about social media in the press, however, without social media (namely Instagram) I would not have started following US artist Brooke Shaden and heard about her ‘Promoting Passion‘ tour.

I happened to be in London for the European leg of her ‘Promoting Passion tour and immediately signed up for a place (thanks sonyalpha being such great sponsors and making it so affordable). It was meant to be!

There was a wonderful photography workshop (see below – thanks to our four wonderful models and Ceridwen Images as stylist extraordinaire/wardrobe/prop supplier) but that was not the main focus of the day.

Brooke is an inspirational speaker (and great hugger!) whose positive energy and thought provoking questions and exercises will be cogitated and digested for long after the event. Gillian Gamble was our second speaker and her story, beautiful art and enthusiasm for creativity provided another perspective on Brooke’s questions.

Questions like what is our legacy and why is it so difficult to create lasting legacy. Challenging us to change our narrative and move beyond expectation. Questioning what holds us back and allowing ourselves to begin again.

Like I said, so many thought provoking questions I have just begun to try to answer and begin again.

My photos from the photoshoot :

The Watchmaker Classical and Street Dance Theatre

Photoshoot fun (involving lots of sparkles with the time fairies and smoke machines with the shadow spirits (plus a smoke alarm to add to the excitement!) with The Watchmaker Classical and Street Dance theatre in advance of their 2019 EU tour starting in Switzerland on 11 May. Check out http://www.thewatchmakershow.com/ for more information.

Choreographed by the talented Veronika Sardiko (who is also the artistic director and owner of MyArt Dance and Art Studio in Dublin), The Watchmaker blends classical ballet and street dance in a modern metropolis. ‘The Watchmaker’ presents the reality of people living in a busy modern city. Lost amidst the hustle and bustle of routine, precious moments of life slip by unappreciated. A mysterious and magic fairy tale for kids and adults. Buy tickets here http://tinyurl.com/yydd4kb3.