Saltee Island Puffins


Saltee Islands, Wexford, Co.Wicklow

The Saltee Islands are situated approximately 5 kilometers off the coast of Kilmore Quay Co.Wexford, Ireland. They are privately owned and are one of the world’s major bird sanctuaries.The Saltees are a haven for sea birds, nurturing an impressive array of birds, from gannets and gulls to puffins and manx shearwaters.

After leaving a dull and dreary Dublin, we arrived to enjoy the mild micro-climate of the Saltee Islands and spent several hours in the company of some delightful puffins (who were not bothered by the presence of several photographers!). We also trekked to the large gannet colony at the back of the Island. A sight to see, hear and smell! At one stage we even saw a herd of 30 or so seals pop their heads up to say hi!

My lesson from this trip is that I am not happy not to perch on the side of a cliff to get my shot (floral photography is a much safer option!) …….however, the puffins are really delightful so I would welcome further opportunities to visit the Saltee Islands

A great day trip for bird watchers, photographers and tourists – contact Declan Bates ( the skipper who will bring you to the Islands (be prepared to get wet feet/trousers!).